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Volgograd high-speed tram museum

The Volgograd Metrotram (Skorostnoy Tramvay, ST) is a light rail system operating in Volgograd, Russia. It consists of 22 stations on one line, paralleling the Volga River from the northern suburbs of Volgograd to its city core for a total length of 17.3 kilometres (10.7 mi). The Volgograd Metrotram was inaugurated on 5 November 1984, and had served 50 million passengers per year at the time the 2011 extension was opened.

Most of the Metrotram line shares a surface-level right of way with a previously constructed railway line for 10.2 kilometres (6.3 mi), in a manner similar to that of the south leg of the C-Train system in Calgary, for example. Five city center stations, on the other hand, were built underground in two sections (opened in 1984 and 2011), over a total length of 6.8 kilometres (4.2 mi), meeting design standards consistent with existing Russian metro systems.

The Volgograd metrotram normally use right-hand running, with left-hand traffic on the underground section between TRK Europa City Mall and Pionerskaya. This was done to enable unidirectional vehicles to use island platforms. On the new underground section between Pionerskaya and Yel'shanka, only bidirectional vehicles operate, with right-handed traffic and doors on the both sides.



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Tsaritsyn became the first county town in Russia, in which an electric tram appeared on April 9, 1913.

In 2000, the Museum of the History of Volgograd Electric Transport was opened in the building of the House of Culture of the Voroshilovsky District. Its exposition contains documents, photographs, personal belongings of the company's employees, war and labor veterans. Members of the Council of Veterans M.I.Gudilov, N.M. Loskutova, M.D. Nefedova, R.I.Chernova, S.V. Popov took an active part in the creation of the museum and in the collection of materials. YD Faronov, an employee of the track service, donated a lot to the museum from his collection.

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