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Metrovalencia is a rapid transit system serving a large part of the metropolitan area of Valencia. The network is a modern amalgamation of former FEVE narrow gauge electric operated suburban railways. It is a large suburban network that crosses the city of Valencia, with all trains continuing out to the suburbs. It also has destinations on lines that make it more closely resemble commuter trains. The unique system combines light railway, metro and several tram operations north of the Túria riverbed park with line 4. Trains of lines 1, 3, 5 and 9 have automatic train operation (ATO) in 25.3 kilometers of underground system. Tram lines 4, 6 and 8 are operated by modern trams.

This network consists of more than 156.4 kilometres (97.2 mi) of route, of which 27.3 kilometres (17.0 mi) is underground.

The system authority Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV) uses bilingual signage in Valencian and Spanish.

The Metrovalencia network traces its origins to the Trenet de València (ca; es) system of narrow-gauge interurban railways, of which its first section, built by the Valencian Tramway Society (es:Sociedad Valenciana de Tranvías) was opened in 1888 between Valencia (near the Pont de Fusta, or Fusta Bridge) and Llíria. Several further extensions of the Trenet were later built between 1891 and 1912. In 1917, both the Valencian Tramway Corporation and the Compagnie Génerale des Tramways de Valence (Espagne) Société Lyonnaise (es) were merged into a single company called the Valencia Tram and Rail Company (es:Compañía de Tranvías y Ferrocarriles de Valencia), which operated until 1964 where after years of losses, the rail operations of CTFV was acquired by FEVE.


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The Moscow design institutes Metrogiprotrans and Giprokommundortrans, on behalf of the USSR State Planning Committee, developed a feasibility study for the construction of the metro in the city of Gorky as the fastest, most comfortable and convenient means of transport.

Valencia is a relatively small city, but its attractions are at a fairly decent distance from each other, so the metro can be very useful for getting around the city. Valencia Metro has six lines that cover most of the city.

In this video I will show you the Valencia metro. In my opinion, this is the most convenient form of public transport for getting around the city. The metro network is very large and allows you to easily reach most of Valencia's attractions. In addition, you can even get to the suburbs by metro. right now, together with you, we will go down into the subway and I will show you how it works, how to buy a ticket and how not to get lost in the subway without knowing the language. Hello everyone! My name is Bogdan and I am glad to welcome you to my channel! Do you want to be healthy, travel and live an active life? Then you are at the right place! Independent travel, as they are without embellishment and a lot of money! All with your eyes, hands and feet! Running, sports and active lifestyle. Delicious food and a lot of things from life! I will show all this right here!