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High-speed tram of Stary Oskol

High-speed tram museum of Stary Oskol

Starooskolsky high-speed tram is the tram system of Stary Oskol, one of the few in Russia that is designed and officially called a high-speed tram and one of the last tram systems created in the USSR and Russia.
The tram in Stary Oskol was opened in 1981, although the first carriages began to be delivered in 1977. The network was originally built as a high-speed tram, necessary as a high-haul transport between residential areas of the northeastern district of the city and a newly built remote industrial zone.
The official name of the company is the High-Speed ​​Tram Office (UST) - High-Speed ​​Tram LLC. The network was created by the Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant initially as a departmental transport for bringing the workers of the plant from the city. Since 2003 it has been a joint-stock company with founders: Starooskolsk urban district (49% of shares) and OEMK (51% of shares). Pricing policy is under the jurisdiction of the government of the Belgorod region.
Since 1990, there has been an increase in the number of passengers: in 1990, about 6.6 million people were transported per year, by 2000 this figure had grown to 9.8 million people a year, and as of 2012 the passenger traffic exceeded 11 million passengers.
March 1976 - construction of light rail lines started
May 29, 1976 - the light rail service is organized
1977 - a tram depot was created, its construction began.
1980 - a working commission was appointed for the acceptance into operation of the tram
November 6, 1980 - a trial run-in of the tram line took place


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How does the morning begin in Stary Oskol? From tram calls and wheel clatter! The high-speed tram has long been one of the attractions of Oskol. For 30 years now, it has been running between the city and OEMK, transporting, on average, about 10 million people a year. The tram has no days off: hundreds, thousands of people - workers of the plant and its subsidiaries, residents of the city and surrounding villages - every day ride on a steel track. From 1980 to 2009, 182.8 million passengers were transported. Today Stary Oskol residents cannot imagine themselves without this convenient, environmentally friendly, reliable type of transport that works in any weather. There are 71 passenger carriages on the line, the total mileage for 29 years amounted to almost 95 million kilometers, the tram has rounded the equator more than two thousand times!

It is difficult to ignore the anniversary of this organization, so many guests came to the celebration on May 29. The employees of the High-Speed ​​Tram have a lot to be proud of: the Stary Oskolsk tram has covered such a distance in four decades that it could have rounded the equator 2,744 times!
They say numbers are stubborn things. Indeed, it is by them that it is easy to judge successes or failures. In this sense, it is a pleasure to analyze the performance of the High-Speed ​​Tram. Think about it: in 40 years, more than 256 million passengers have ridden in its carriages. Of course, the same people travel to the plant and back, as well as around the city, and yet the figure is impressive, especially if we compare it with the population of our Motherland - about 147 million.

The Starooskolsk high-speed tram is a tram system of Stary Oskol, one of the few in Russia that is designed and officially called a high-speed tram and one of the last tram systems created in the USSR and Russia.