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The Palma Metro (Catalan: Metro de Palma, Spanish: Metro de Palma [de Mallorca]) is a light metro system in Palma, Majorca, Spain. The initial line of the system, M1, is 7.2 kilometres (4.5 mi) long  and has nine stations. It was constructed between 2005 and 2007 at cost of 312 million euros and opened for service on 25 April 2007. In March 2013, an existing 8.35-kilometre (5.2 mi) rail line with nine stations was incorporated into metro system as the M2 line.

In 2016, the Palma Metro carried 1.2 million passengers, an average of 3,288 per day.

The metro opened on 25 April 2007. It runs from the city centre to University of the Balearic Islands, known locally as Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB). Spanish authorities suspended operations on the line in September 2007 due to repeated flooding. Services restarted on 28 July 2008 after a 46% cost overrun. Due to the short length of Line M1, the journey from the Intermodal to UIB can be done in less than 20 minutes. Trains run daily from 06:35 to 21:55; headways are every 15 minutes during peak hours, and every 30 minutes at other times.

In November 2012, Consorci de Transports de Mallorca (CTM) announced that a second rail line would be added to the Palma Metro system, operating on a route that would serve nine stations between Plaça d'Espanya (Intermodal station) and Marratxí station. The establishment of this new line would pose no cost since it would utilize the existing infrastructure of CTM's already-operating three rail lines. Revenue service on the M2 line began on 13 March 2013. Headways on the M2 line are generally 20 minutes throughout the day. Because the M2 line operates on rail shared with Majorca's three commuter rail lines, it doesn't qualify as a true "metro standards" line like the M1 line does.


MAPLINE routes

With the start of testing the new tariff system on the M1 line, specially specified turnstiles were installed at the intermodal station and in the UIB to check the Intermodal wallet card and bank card. To do this, you need to consider:
If you have topped up your intermodal wallet card balance or want to travel with a bank card, you must confirm, both at the entrance and at the exit, at a turnstile specially marked with labels and signs.
If you are traveling on a T20 or T40 travel card, a single ticket or a citizen's card valid at the rest of the turnstiles, those that are not marked with the information of the new system or have no other designations.

In November 2004, a metro line was proposed for Palma de Mallorca. It runs from the city center to the university campus (UIB - Universitat de les Illes Balears). It starts underground at the reconstructed train station in Plaza de España and runs parallel to the existing railway to Inca, which was simultaneously laid underground to Son Costa Son Fortes.
Construction of the 8.3 km metro line began in January 2005. The line is mostly underground (average depth 8 m), with the exception of a 2.6 km section including Son Sardina station. The tunnel from Plaça d'Espanya to Son Costa-Son Fortesa is a four-track, with separate tracks for the metro and the Inca diesel line.

The capital of Palma, Mallorca, has a very original railway network in many respects. Metro and trains run on the same line here, and their carriages are used for metro and train lines. We will focus mainly on the metro system, where we can find two (about 15 minutes) lines.