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MeLA (Italian: Metropolitana Leggera Automatica) is a 682 m (2,238 ft)-long people mover in Milan's Zone 3.

The line acts as a shuttle connecting Cascina Gobba Station on Line 2 of the Milan Metro with the nearby San Raffaele Hospital. MeLA was completed on July 12, 1999, and is operated by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi and was the first automated people mover in Italy. Half of the line is underground as it passes through the San Raffaele Hospital complex.


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It is a light metro line that connects Milan Metro Line 2 with San Raffaele Hospital. Designed specifically for patients, staff and students traveling between Milan and the hospital, this transport link is an unmanned, automated railroad that travels 682 meters over an elevated road. Upon reaching Cascina Gobba on the M2 metro line, passengers switch to light rail without leaving the station, thus quickly reaching the hospital entrance. Passengers in wheelchairs can use a special ticket barrier with an intercom, through which they can contact the dispatch office if necessary.

The route is 645 meters long, almost all on the surface for two meager minutes of travel, three carriages: the automatic light metro MeLa was one of the first projects funded in the city thanks to almost 11 million from the Infrastructure and Development Bank, which Sat reimburses with ATM fees. And therefore, in the event of a delay in payment, there are problems. “The relationship with the ATM,” says the minutes of the June 2010 SAT shareholders meeting, “continues to be problematic.

Hospital San Raffaele Milan Metro (automatic)