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The Lausanne Métro (French: Métro de Lausanne) system is a two-line urban rail transport system in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland. Around a quarter of the system has been used for urban rail transport since 1877, when the route between the city centre and Ouchy opened as Switzerland's first public funicular railway. The network is owned by two distinct companies and operated by a third.

Of the operating lines, only Line M2 can be considered a true, grade-separated rapid transit line (Line M1 is considered light rail albeit being underground for a short section). It is a fully automated, rubber-tyred metro line based on the technology of the Paris Métro and opened on 27 October 2008. This makes Lausanne the first (and as of 2021, the only) city in Switzerland to have a full metro system; Zürich once proposed a U-Bahn system in the 1960s and 1970s, which failed in the face of massive political and public opposition, though Zürich does have sections of its S-Bahn network that see frequencies comparable to metro services.

Upon the opening of Line M2, Lausanne replaced Rennes, France as the smallest city in the world to have a full metro system. A third line (Line M3) is now planned, based on the same rubber-tyred metro technology as Line M2.

The Lausanne-Ouchy railway, the precursor to the M2 Line of the Lausanne Métro, was inaugurated in 1877 as a funicular. In 1959 the first overhaul took place by transforming the funicular into a rack railway under the name "métro". At that time, Flon and Gare CFF stations were demolished and replaced by concrete underground equivalents. The line was however always nicknamed La Ficelle (literal translation: "The String") by its users due to its funicular past and circulation above ground in the greenery for more than half of its run.


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Tl designs, organizes and provides everyday public transport solutions for over 330,000 travelers in the metropolitan area as well as the Lausanne region. They are implementing sustainable mobility solutions for the development of the canton of Vaud and the municipalities they serve.
"Progress fosters exchange." This proposal, made by the founder of tl, Adrienne Palace in 1896, is still valid today. Facilitating travel, improving the efficiency of public transport to make it more attractive, and focusing on customers are at the heart of tl's long-term vision. Every trip counts and I intend to offer adequate solutions by making public transport a hub of mobility.

Lausanne Metro is the only such type of public transport in Switzerland. Its first stage was commissioned in 1991. The Lausanne metro has only two lines - M1 and M2. The first is a light metro line, and the second is an automated transport system of the VAL type.

TL are not members of frimobil, but Lausanne is 40 minutes. from Friborg. Specialty: automated VAL metro, for Friborg?