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The Kazan Metro (Russian: Каза́нский метрополите́н; Tatar: Казан метросы) is a rapid-transit system that serves the city of Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia. The metro system was the seventh opened in Russia, and the fifteenth in the former Soviet Union region. Opened on August 27, 2005, it is the newest system in Russia.

Kazan is a historic and cultural centre on the middle Volga. The first plans to have a rapid-transit system were proposed back in the days of the Russian Empire, but after the October Revolution and the Russian Civil War, little was left for the design. Nevertheless, in the 1930s, Kazan, being the capital of the Tatar ASSR—one of the most visible autonomous republics and rapidly growing as an industrial centre—prompted some to propose a rapid transit system for the future, particularly after the successful construction of Moscow Metro in 1935.

However, World War II ended such attempts, and in the post-war USSR, only the largest capitals of Union republics could afford a Metro system. Nevertheless, in 1979 the Kazan city's population passed the one million mark: a Soviet requirement for a Metro to be allowed. 1983 was the year when the Supreme Soviet of the Tatar ASSR authorised planning a metro system. The original design was to prove the final one, as the City of Kazan effectively followed a typical Soviet model with a historical centre on the inflow of the Kazanka River into the Volga, and the various industrial and "bedroom" districts (housing complexes) on the edges. The first line would follow a north–south axis beginning in the Transit Railway Station in the north, passing through the post-war Stalinist buildings and then down south of the Kazanka, next to the Kazan Kremlin and through the historical centre to the microdistrict of Gorki.

The first geological survey began in 1984, and by 1989 the construction of the first stage was drawn up and submitted for final authorisation to begin construction. 


On April 5, 2004, the Head of the Administration of Kazan K.Sh. Iskhakov, pursuant to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan (No. 417-r dated 02.04.2004), issued Resolution No. 511 on the establishment of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Kazan Metro". By the same decree, A.G. was appointed to the post of General Director of the Kazan Metro Municipal Unitary Enterprise. Galyavov, who previously headed MUP Kazgorelectrotrans.

The history of the first projects of the Kazan metro begins in the thirties of the last century, pathetic articles about the construction of the metro in Kazan were periodically encountered in newspapers of the Stalinist era, but these articles are more likely to be science fiction - the capitals of the large union republics stood in line for the metro. In the RSFSR itself, there was an unspoken bar of 1 million inhabitants, and only after having overcome it, the city could begin research on the topic of the "subway". The final point in conversations about the metro was put by the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War, which for many years pushed back and made people forget about many projects and plans.

Kazan Metro / Kazan Metro Overview of the Kazan metro. Metro map: ● Aircraft building ● North Station ● Yashlek ● Kozya Sloboda ● Kremlin ● Tukaya Square ● Sukonnaya Sloboda ● Ametyevo ● Gorki ● Victory Avenue ● Dubravnaya