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Daegu Metro (Korean: 대구도시철도; Hanja: 大邱都市鐵道; RR: Daegu dosicheoldo) - metro system that serves primarily the South Korean city of Daegu, operated by Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation from 5:30AM to 0:00AM with the interval from 5 to 8 minutes between each car's arrival. With the fastest track speed at 80km/h, it takes 55 minutes for Line 1 and Line 2, and 48 minutes for Line 3 to reach the terminus station. As of 2015, the number of average daily passengers is 186,992 people for Line 1, 177,984 people for Line 2, and 69,127 people for Line 3.

The construction of Daegu Metro was recommended to the city after the City of Daegu conducted the research in 1985 to find the ways to improve the city's transit. Following the establishment of the committee to oversee the new metro transit construction in September 1989, the study was conducted from 1989 to 1990 to evaluate whether the construction project was feasible. The guidelines for the metro transit's construction and operation was approved in January 1991. While the guideline focused on solving the traffic issues due to the overpopulation of the downtown area, it set the consequent goals of improving the city with more efficiency resulting from shorter commuting times, cleaner environment with reduced auto traffic and energy expense, larger outreach to bring the transit to those outside the urban area, and improved transportation capacity.

The construction of Daegu Metro Line 1 began in December 1991 and the first 10.3km long section between Jincheon and Jungang-ro began on November 26th, 1997. After the second 24.9km long section of Line 1 between Jincheon and Ansim opened on May 2nd, 1998, the extension was made to Daegok towards south in May 2002. The most recent extension was made from Daegok to Seolhwa in 2016, making Line 1 28.4km long with 32 stations. The line serves its function to connect the southwestern area of the downtown to the city's east.


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Daegu Transportation Corporation Security Management Policy
All managers and employees will do their best to become a "Dynamic Transportation Corporation of Daegu that provides safe and convenient citizen-oriented services", with 『Safety』 as the highest core value.
The Corporation recognizes that security is the number one value in corporate governance and considers security a top priority in all policies.
The Corporation does its best to prevent accidents by conscientiously fulfilling the duties and roles of managers and employees in preventive labor protection measures.


Daegu* has some 2.5 million inhabitants and lies in the south of the Korean peninsula, about 120 km north of Busan.

Construction of the Daegu subway started in 1992. A network with 6 lines to be built in 3 stages is planned. Phase 1 initially included 3 lines to be completed by 2007, but apparently it will take longer to finish. Subway Line 3 was to link Chilgok to Beommul (21.5 km), but it is now being built as a monorail line.

Line 1

Daegok - Ansim, 28.4 km with 32 stations

Line 1 was inaugurated in two stages in 1997/98 with 29 stations (25 km) and 149 m long platforms. A 0.7 km extension towards the southwest was added in May 2002. All stations and all 216 subway cars have air-conditioning. One train consists of six 17.5 m long cars. A trip along the entire line takes 50 minutes.

26 Nov 1997: Jincheon - Jungangno

Today we will take a ride on the Daegu Subway Monorail Line.